Survey of Parent/Guardians of GEAR UP Students: 2021-22

Please answer the following questions about your child's participation in GEAR UP. If you have more than one child in GEAR UP, please turn in a survey for each child. These questions are about his/her experiences in school and your expectations for your child’s future. The purpose of this survey is to help us learn how GEAR UP can best prepare your child for college. The information you provide will remain confidential; only GEAR UP staff will have access to this information. Also, responses from those returning the survey will be combined before they are presented.  

What is your child's school?

1. Has someone from your child’s school and/or Alliance GEAR UP spoken to you about…
a. ...successful college habits and skills?
b. entrance requirements?
c. that your child will need to take in high school in order to prepare for college?
d. ...availability for financial aid to help pay for your child’s college?

2. Did you have enough information about college entrance requirements to help your child apply for college this school year?

3. Do you know what your child needs to do to get accepted into college?

4. What is the highest degree of education you expect your child to complete? (Mark only the highest level.)

5. Which of the following have you talked about with your child? Choose all that apply:

6. Which of the following will college help your child with? Choose all that apply:

7. Can your child afford to attend a four-year college using financial aid, scholarships, and your family’s resources?
8. Are you comfortable with your child going to college outside of Los Angeles?
9. In the last year, have you spoken to your child about which college they would like to attend?

10. Which of the following kinds of colleges do you feel you know enough about to help your child plan for their future? Choose all that apply.

11. How much do you think it costs to attend a Cal State (CSU) or University of California (UC) college full-time for one year? This only refers to the tuition costs and mandatory fees - NOT housing, books, or living expenses.

12. Which of the following college funding needs to be paid back?

13. If YOU participated in any of the following activities during the past year virtually/online, how effective was each activity in helping you assist your child with school work or prepare him/her for college?
Very effective
Somewhat effective
Not effective
Did not participate
Was not offered
a. GEAR UP parent workshops/informational meetings
b. GEAR UP Parent Champions
c. College Fair
d. Alumni Parent Q&A Panel

14. If YOUR CHILD participated in any of the following GEAR UP activities during the past year virtually/online, how effective do you think they were in helping your child with school work or otherwise preparing your child for college?
Very effective
Somewhat effective
Not effective
Did not participate
Was not offered
a. Tutoring in English or math
b. Lessons and activities on college/career exploration
c. Lessons and activities on team building and personal growth
d. Virtual College Fair

15. Do you feel GEAR UP activities are helping your child prepare to go to college after high school?

16. Mark whether the following statements are true or false.
a. You can earn a Bachelor’s degree at a two-year college or community college.
b. All majors are available at all universities.
c. You have to choose a major before you begin college.

17. Who should fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California DREAM Act Application (DREAM Act)?  (Choose all that apply)

18. Which of the following has made it more difficult for you, as a parent/family member, to participate in GEAR UP activities since schools reopened? You may choose more than one answer: