GEAR UP 4 LA Program 4

End of Year Student Survey: 2021-22

GEAR UP 4 LA is a program at your school to help you learn about and prepare for college. GEAR UP 4 LA provides activities to help you academically and give you information about college and careers. The purpose of this survey is to help us learn how the GEAR UP 4 LA Program can best serve you. Please answer the following questions about school, and your future plans.

The information you give will remain confidential; only GEAR UP staff will see your individual responses, not your teachers or school staff. Responses from completed surveys will be combined before they are presented to non-GEAR UP staff.

Student Information

Please select your school:

What is your current grade level?

Future Plans

1. What is the highest level of education that you PLAN to complete?

2. Are any of the following issues likely to prevent you from going to college? Select only the most likely option; if none apply, select that last option only.

3. Do you know what courses you need to complete to graduate from high school?
4. Do you have enough information about college entrance requirements to help you apply for college when the time comes?
5. Do you have enough information about financial aid to help you plan to pay for college when the time comes?
6. Have you been thinking about how to pay for college?
7. Do you save money for the future?
8. Do you think that you could afford to go to a public four-year college using financial aid, scholarships, and your family’s resources?

9. How much do you think it costs to attend a four-year public college full-time in California for one year? This only refers to the tuition costs and mandatory fees - NOT housing, books, or living expenses.

10. Which of the following types of financial aid needs to be paid back?

11. Are there issues that keep you from doing well in school right now? You may choose more than one. If you are doing well in school, mark the last option only.


12. If you participated in any of the following activities, how helpful were they for supporting you in school or preparing for college? If you did not participate, choose Not Applicable.
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not Helpful
Not Applicable
a. Tutoring (in class, online)
b. Academic counseling/advising about classes you need to take to get into college
c. Informational workshops about college
d. Peer mentoring/Near peer mentoring
e. Career interest/exploration activities
f. Financial literacy/awareness workshops
g. Enrichment opportunities

13. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
a. My teachers or the GEAR UP Team work hard to help me with my schoolwork when I need it.
b. There is an adult on campus whom I trust and can talk to no matter what is bothering me.
c. I have a voice in decision making about my future.