Survey of Parent/Guardians of GEAR UP Students: Fall 2021

Please answer the following questions about your child's participation in GEAR UP*. If you have more than one child in GEAR UP, please turn in a survey for each child. These questions are about his/her experiences in school and your expectations for your child's future. The purpose of this survey is to help us learn how GEAR UP can best prepare your child for college. The information you provide will remain confidential, and only be reviewed by GEAR UP staff. Also, responses will be combined before they are presented outside of the GEAR UP program.
*If you have already completed this survey on paper, please do not submit this online form.

What school does your child attend?

1. What is the highest level of education that you think your child will achieve?

2. Do you know what courses your child needs to complete to graduate from high school?
3. Have you talked with your child about attending college?
4. Are you knowledgeable about the benefits to your child of going to college?
5. Are you knowledgeable about the cost of going to college?
6. Are you knowledgeable about financial aid?
7. Has anyone from your child’s school or GEAR UP ever spoken with you about college entrance requirements?
8. Do you have enough information about college entrance requirements?
9. Have you started saving any money for your child’s college education?
10. Has anyone from your child’s school or GEAR UP ever spoken with you about the availability of financial aid to help you pay for college?
11. Do you have enough information about financial aid to help you plan to pay for college?
12. Do you think that your child could afford to attend a public four-year college using financial aid, scholarships, and your family’s resources?
13a. Do you communicate with us using the text messaging platform?
13b. If you have not used our text messaging platform, would you like to begin?

14. How much do you think it costs to attend a four-year public college full-time in Oklahoma for one year? This only refers to the tuition costs and mandatory fees - NOT housing, books, or living expenses.

15. If your child participated in any of the following GEAR UP activities during the past year, how effective do you think they were in helping your child with school work or otherwise preparing your child for college? If your child did not participate or the activity was not offered at the school, choose Not Applicable.
Very Effective
Somewhat Effective
Not Effective
Not Applicable
a. Tutoring/homework help/
b. Academic counseling/advising about college
c. Informational workshop
d. Visit to a college
e. Presentation by college staff or business leaders
f. Standardized test prep (PACT, PSAT, ACT, SAT)
g. Career interest/exploration activities
h. Summer Residential Camp
i. Student Success Agency

16. Which of the following college funding needs to be paid back?

17. Do you feel GEAR UP activities are helping your child prepare to go to college after high school?

18. Overall, how satisfied have you been with the GEAR UP program this year?

19. What is your highest level of education? (Mark only the highest level achieved.)

20. Is anyone in your home currently attending college?

21. What grade is your child in?

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s educational path and would like to visit with a GEAR UP representative, please provide your name and a good contact number in the spaces below.